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Passaconaway was born in 1565. When he was growing up he was very important in his tribe. He was a holy man for the Pennacook Indians. After that people started to believe that he could change into fire and water and move rocks...  http://danmahony.com/Passaconaway/passpower.htm

It is well documented that Passaconaway did indeed do what the "...people started to believe...", see  Passaconaway in the White Mountains, Chap 1.



May 17, 1629 Actual Document Location: Doubtful, BOOK 2 PAGE 123  Whereas we the Sagamores of Penecook, Pentucket, Squamsquot, and Nuchawanack are inclined to have the English inhabit amongst us by which means we hope in time to be Strengthened against our Enemies who yearly doth us Damage likewise being persuaded that it will be for the good of us and our Posterity, do hereby covenant and agree with the English as follows - - - in consideration of a Competent valuation in goods already received in Coats, Shirts, and victuals...convey all that part of the Main Land bounded by the River of Pisattaqua and the River of Meremack...   In Witness whereof we have hereunuto set our hands and seals the seventeeth day of May 1629 and in the fifth year of King Charles's reign over England...Passaconaway...Runaawitt, Wahanqnononawitt, Wardargoscum...http://www.tiac.net/users/nmrd/history.html

"I am aware that this deed has been pronounced a forgery, but authentic documents have lately come to light, that go to show the genuineness of this instrument." Judge C. E. Potter, 1851 http://www.usgennet.org/usa/nh/county/hillsborough/manchester/book/evening.html

W. J. Sidis wrote:

Passaconaway inquired as to whether white ideas of property covered anything corresponding to permission to occupy, and found out that the whites know of such things as leases; so, by authority from the Federal Council (after considerable objection from the Piscataquas, whose territory the place was) he had a regular deed made out as part of the peace treaty, leasing to these unrecognised Puritan outposts a region extending from the Piscataqua west to the Merrimac, and from the Merrimac thirty miles north. This lease provided for a specified rental in furs for each town to be established in that region. This rent was paid regularly, except for war periods, up to 1755; but, as land titles in that region are still based on Passaconaway’s deed, now preserved at Exeter, rather than on Mason’s title claim, this leaves the Penacook Federation, or whoever is their successor, the real owners of a territory including Rockingham County in New Hampshire, and some surrounding territory, including the cities of Haverhill and Manchester, and half of Lowell and Lawrence.  The Tribes and the States, Chap. 8

["One of the earliest of Passaconaway's transactions with the English is said to have been his signing of the famous Wheelwright Deed. By many this has been considered a forgery. The Rev. N. Bouton, D. D., Editor of the Provincial Papers of New Hampshire, writes thus, however: 'The famous 'Wheelwright Deed, which has been pronounced a forgery by Hon. James Savage, the distinguished antiquarian of Boston, and the late John Farmer, Esq., of Concord, bears date May 17, 1629. Hon. Chandler E. Potter, who has devoted much attention and research to the subject, maintains the validity of the deed. But whether the deed be a forgery or not it forms part of our history;--is the basis on which rests the grant of several townships in the state, is recognized in various ways in our public records as genuine. . . . The deed is recorded in the office of Recorder of Deeds, at Exeter.' " 65

        "Let me give the substance of this famous document in a few words. It certifies that Passaconaway, for certain valuable considerations, sells to John Wheelwright and his associates a tract of land extending from the then (1629) Massachusetts line thirty miles into the country, and from the Piscataqua to the Merrimac, reserving the hunting and fishing rights to his people. The seventh and last article declares that 'every township within the aforesaid limits or tract of land that hereafter shall be settled shall pay to Passaconaway our chief sagamore that now is and to his successors forever, if lawfully demanded, one coat of trucking cloth a year.' 66 The names or marks of several noted sagamons were affixed to the deed as were also the signatures of some of the respectable planters of Saco and Piscataqua. Whether the Wheelwright Deed is valid or not, it affords proof of the extent of the Bashaba's power and dominions.67

        "Rev. John Wheelwright had been a preacher at Braintree, then part of Boston, and was a brother of Anne Hutchinson. For preaching too searching a sermon in Boston on Fast Day, 1636, he was banished. Making his way to Exeter, he took up his abode there. He was a gentleman of 'learning, piety and zeal,'  68 and it seems unthinkable that a man of his character would countenance a forgery (see  Chap 1)."


"The Merrimack, which has so often been alluded to, as the source of our city's prosperity, has ever been a source of profit to the inhabitants upon its banks. Not only to ourselves. and our forefathers, but to that race of men whose characters have been so little appreciated, and whose history is so little known among us--the Indians." Potter http://www.usgennet.org/usa/nh/county/hillsborough/manchester/book/evening.html

EARLY GRANTS-THE INDIANS. EARLY GRANTS. THE Charter of Massachusetts Bay, given by King Charles I, in 1629, granted "all that part of America lying and being in breadth from forty degrees of northerly latitude from the Equin- oxial line to forty-eight degrees of the said northerly latitude inclusively, and in length of and within all the breadth aforesaid throughout the rhain...http://genweb.net/~books/ma/chelmsford1917/chel072ch2.txt

[These lands belonging to the Penacook Federation since humans first lived there were "given" by the King of England to his pals.]


He and Mr. Edmond Faulkner are saidto have purchased the land from the Indian sachem, Cutshamache, or Cutshamakin, who lived near Dorchester, and who was a kinsman of Passaconaway, the sachem living in the region about the Merrimack River, "Old Will," as he was sometimes called... http://genweb.net/~books/ma/andover1880/and01Settlers001.html

[Passaconaway was an old will indeed.]


Indians had a rude worship, which, according to their tradition, was once well attended; but, before the arrival of the English it had greatly declined. Their principal powah, or priest, was Passaconaway, who resided at Pentucket, or Haverhill. They believed that after death they should go to the region whence came the pleasant southwest wind, where dwelt their great and benevolent god, Cautontowit, and where they should enjoy perpetual pleasures, and hunting and fishing without weariness... http://genweb.net/~books/ma/revere1937/rev002Settlement.html


He married Wenuchus, a daughter of Passaconaway, the great powab, or priest of the nation, whose chief residence was at Penacook, now Concord, on  the Merrimac. This venerable, and in some respects wonderful man, died about the year 1673., when he was one hundred and twenty years of age. On his death bed, be called his friends around, and told them that he was going to the land of spirits, to see them no more. He said he had been opposed to the English at their first coming, and sought to prevent their settlement;  but now he advised them to oppose the white men  no more, or they would all be destroyed. http://genweb.net/~books/ma/lynn1/lynn01-009.html


Passaconaway Child of the Bear (Penacook Chieftain's Name) [more info] Catalogue numbers from Blue Book 2, are used for the lodge issues on this site. All catalogue numbers shown for chapter and activities issues are a preview of what may appear in future...http://www.netpath.net/~pannellj/oaguide/220.htm


the sachems were chiefs and kings, not savages, rabbis, or the name of a tribe...the tribe belonged to the Massachusett nation--not Pawtuckett...the land now Winchester was neither stolen nor taken by force and no lives were lost over it...at least two generations of sachems lived in peace and friendship with the English...Squaw Sachem was a rare (but not unique) Indian title http://www.winchestermass.org/sachemp1.html             http://www.winchestermass.org/sachemp2.html


The remaining son, Wenepoykin, Sachem of Naumkeag, and his wife, Ahawayet (daughter of Passaconaway, the mighty Sachem of Pawtucket), consolidated the lands and tribes into one group.


The Indian name of this tract was Neahambeak as appears from a deed of land upon Black brook, from "Wanalanset the only Sonne surviving of old Passaconaway, deceased, who was the great and chiefe Sachem upon Merimack River" to Thomas, Henchman...http://genweb.net/~books/ma/chelmsford1917/chel001ch1.txt


Child of the Bear (Penacook Chieftain's Name) Catalogue numbers from, are used for the lodge issues on this site. All catalogue numbers shown for... {Commercial site}...http://www.oaimages.com/220.shtml


the name is derived from "Pappisseconewa, which in turn came from "Papoeis", meaning child, and "Kunnaway," meaning bear. So we might way his name meant "Bear Child" or, as you have it, "Child of the bear." Passaconaway was initially a minor sachem (of the Pennacook tribe) under Nanepashemet of the Massachusetts Federation, but when the Indians of Maine made war against Nanepashemet and forced him into hiding for three years, the Massachusetts Federation fell apart. Passaconaway aligned himself withthe Pawtucket Federation and eventually became their Grand Sachem.-- from Rob Kutz cgtrader@erols.com

nhfacts  New Hampshire History. {Non-profit site}...http://www.windhamsd.org/history.htm


Algonquin Tribes and Bands. 1. Abenaki. 2. Amoskeag. 3. Cocheeko. 4. Coos. 5. Nashuwa. 6. Ossipee. 7. Pemigewasset. 8. Pennacook. 9. Pequoket. http://www.govwentworth.k12.nh.us/goals2000-4%20Web%20Sit


NE-DO-BA (Friends) GLOSSARY OF PEOPLE, PLACES, & THINGS... http://www.avcnet.org/ne-do-ba/glos_000.html


Joe English  Last Updated: Sept. 9, 1998 By Richard W. Not much is known abut the early years of Joe English, the famed Indian scout of Dunstable garrison. It is believed he was born between the years 1675 and 1678 in the coastal village of Agawam (near present-day Ipswich, Massachusetts)....http://www.geocities.com/Athens/6828/english.html


Abenaki Ethnography Preface "When the white man stops insisting that the Indian adhere to his ways and allow us to live as Indians, the Indian problem will be solved." -- John Stevens, Passamaquoddy Tribal Governor I....http://members.xoom.com/pennacook/ethno.html


Pawtucket Indians of Lynn Massachusetts   Pawtucket Sachem Lynn and Salem MA Area Generation No. 1 Nanapashemet1 was born Abt. 1575 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA, and died 1619 in Pawtucket, Lynn, Essex, MA....http://users.javanet.com/~smartin/lynn.htm


Local History The lower Merrimack River Valley was occupied by tribes of Algonquin Indians for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years prior to the mid-17th century. Upstream fishing stations were maintained at... http://www.lowellsboatshop.org/history/local.html


Sachems, Queens, and Sagamores. Molly Ocket. Kancamagus. Paugus. Wonalancet. Passaconaway. Chocorua. Hope Hood. Bomazeen. Weetamoo. Metallak.http://www.govwentworth.k12.nh.us/goals2000-4%20Web%20Sit


Namumpum Alive in Jun 1675 in Pocasset. (108) Benjamin Church had come to visit her at this time, having heard from Seconet that trouble with Philip was pending immediately.http://www.mayflowerfamilies.com/philip/d2.htm


The Cochecho Massacre For over half a century following Dover's founding in 1623, the English settlers co-existed peacefully with the local Penacook tribe. The Indians helped the colonists to develop ...http://www.dover.lib.nh.us/Dover%20History/cocheco.htm


Colonies II. by. "Be careful how you quarrel with the English. Although you may do them much harm, yet assuredly you will all be... {Commercial site}...http://csc.apolyton.net/scenarios/colonies.shtml


Rogers Fort Hill Park Project   The Park got its name indirectly from the Pawtucket tribe of the Pennacook Nation. In 1669, Chief Wannalancit, son of the great Sachem, Passaconaway, established a palisaded fort at the summit of the hill for ...http://lowellonline.org/bna/parkfram.html


Historic Rowley, MA...reprinted from Standard History of Essex County, Massachusetts published in 1878 by C.F. Jewett & Co., Boston. Rowley is a long and narrow...http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~kwc/boynton/rowley_hist.html


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Edmund C. Berkeley Papers   78 boxes 73.25 cubic feet June 1990 By: Pat Hennessy ACQUISITION: The records were given to the Charles Babbage Institute by Berkeley Enterprises, Inc., in cooperation with the Berkeley family, accession 989-15. ACCESS: ...http://www.cbi.umn.edu/inv/berkeley.htm


Concord. by Mark G. Concord is the capital of New Hampshire. Location on NH map. Geographical Features. Tourist Attractions. Population. Businesses. ...http://www.govwentworth.k12.nh.us/goals2000-4%20Web%20Sit


Concord Century  Sidebars: Once a wilderness community prone to indian attacks and Colonial grant disputes, Concord is a prosperous community with a rich history, the seat of... {Commercial site}...http://www.nhcentury.com/concord/concen/conthecap/index.html


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1998 - FIPS 55 Codes for Named Populated Places Primary County Divisions and Other Locational Entities New Hampshire Num. Code: 33 Alpha Code: NH Part Other ST Place Place County County Class Zip of Name GSA MRF MSA Congressional Code Name Code...http://www.nist.gov/itl/div897/pubs/55new/55-text/nh.txt


Indians and Early Settlement of Revere / Rumney Marsh     Chapter 2 Indians and Early Settlement of Rumney Marsh in History of Revere by Benjamin Shurtleff, pub. 1937 Scanned, OCRed and edited by David Blackwell 1999 for NEHGS and the Free Books Online Effort. CHAPTER II. EARLY SETTLEMENT. In 1614...http://genweb.net/~books/ma/revere1937/rev002Settlement.html


HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF ANDOVER. CHAPTER I. MEMORIALS OF THE EARLY SETTLERS. WHOEVER tries to restore a picture of the life of past cen- turies in any locality, cannot fail to be impressed with the scantiness of ancient relics, - the meagreness of the actual material at command, in comparison with what has perished...http://genweb.net/~books/ma/andover1880/and01Settlers.txt


Chapter 2 - Historical Sketches of Andover  HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF ANDOVER. by Sarah Loring Bailey, 1880 OCR editing by Phylis Holmes, scanned and OCRed by David Blackwell, further HTML editing by __ CHAPTER II. THE PART OF ANDOVER IN THE EARLY INDIAN WARS. In regard to the Indians who...http://genweb.net/~books/ma/andover1880/and02Indians163.html


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Ancestry of Abner Coffin of Falmouth, Maine  COFFIN. 1. PETER. m. MARY (12) BOSCAWEN (bpt. 20 Jan. 1552 St. Michael Penkevil, Cornwall, d. 4 Sept. 1622, bur at Penkivel Chapel)(1) Issue- 2I....http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/9210/COFFIN.htm


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CHAPTER I. THE BEGINNING. IN the settlement of New England the first towns which were planted along the coast had by 1640, when immigration ceased upon the accession of Cromwell in England, begun to extend inland, - first to Watertown in 1630, to Concord in 1635, from Charlestown and Cambridge to Woburn in 1642 and from Lynn to Reading in 1644....http://genweb.net/~books/ma/chelmsford1917/chel001ch1.txt


THE PISCATAQUA PIONEERS COLLECTION Genealogy A. General Works and Guides B. Genealogies of Specific Families C. Biographies of Individuals II. Periodicals of Historical and/or Genealogical Interest III....http://www.izaak.unh.edu/specoll/piscapio.htm


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The Electric Wigwam is a Spiritual Center located in Nashua, New Hampshire. It provides the tools and information people need to join together in learning about themselves, the Earth, and the traditional North American Native way of life. The Elec...http://members.aol.com/elecwigwam/electricwigwam/electriC


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Sprague's Journal of Maine History, Letter P General Index   Letter P: General Index Sprague's Journal of Maine History. Courtesy of the Androscoggin Historical Society. Anyone willing to do lookups please let...http://www.rootsweb.com/~mekenneb/sprague/pspra.html


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WHITE MOUNTAINS PHOTOGRAPHS 1816-1978 Visual Collection 66 3 Hollinger boxes Processed: June 1985 Accession #: 8159, 8442, 8634 Revised: February...http://www.izaak.unh.edu/specoll/mancoll/whitemt.htm


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INDEX OF NAMES This index does not include the four preceding pages. in a few instances no attempt has been made to distinguish between persons of the same name. AnD Ab% AssoTT ..1. 248, 800 Abiel (Dr.) 460 Abiel (Rev.) 563 Abi ..463 Benj. .165...http://genweb.net/~books/ma/chelmsford1917/chel845ch2xInd


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