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Notes on the Collection of Transfers

W. J. Sidis



        The division of transfers into classes, in so far as they are represented in our collection, is indicated below. Systems are denoted as in Appendix A, and sub-systems as in Appendix B. The names of the classes are preceded by the letter C or N, according to whether that name is a company name or not. The significance of the various classes is further indicated in parentheses, "Reg." meaning the regular transfers, "CP" meaning continuation transfers of the preliminary kind, "CF" meaning those of the feeder kind, "Em." meaning emergency transfers, and "Rep." meaning repeat. "Free" means a free transfer, and "Pay" means one for which a transfer fee is charged; "Ex." means exit coupons, "Ref." means refund, "Rec." means fare receipt, "Ov." means overlap, and "Gen." means a general form.

1Aii. C―Excess Fare Check (Ref.)

C―Transfer (Reg.)

1Aiii. N―Regular transfers (Reg. Ov.)

C―District Transfers (Gen.)

1Fi. N―Regular Transfers.

C―Universal Transfer (Gen.)

1Gi. N―Regular Transfers.

N―General Form.

N―Bus Transfers.

1Li. N―Regular Transfers.

N―General Forms.

N―Special Transfers.

1Lii. N―Regular Transfers.

N―Pay Transfers, divided into 3-cent and 4-cent.

2Ai. N―Regular Transfers (Reg. Pay).

N―Special White Forms (Free).

C―Fare Receipt.

C―Continuous Trip Ticket.

2Aii (3). N―Regular Forms.

N―Special Transfers (out of town in Yonkers R. R.)

C―Passenger's Identification Check (Ov. Rec.)

2Avi. N―Regular Transfers (Pay), divided by the company into "A" and "B".

C―Special Transfers AA and BB (Pay).

C―Special Transfer; also Special Transfer C.

C―Conductor's Special Ticket.

C―Continuing Trip Ticket (CP).

C―Conductor's Feeder Ticket (CF).

C―Transfer Agent's Special Ticket (CF).

N―Fare Receipts (Ov. Rec.)

C―Block Tickets (Em.)

N―Special Forms (Free, Unclassified).

2Avii. C―Conductor's Transfers C, D, or E (Reg.)

C―Continuing Trip Tickets (CP).

C―Conductor's Feeder Tickets (CF).

C―Transfer Agent's Special Ticket (CF).

C―Special Transfer; also Special Transfer E.

C―Conductor's Fare Receipt (Ov. Rec.)

N―Overlap Fare Receipt (Ov. Rec.)

2Axi. N―Regular Transfers (Reg. Ov.)

N―Exchange Transfers (Inter-sub-system).

C―Continuous Trip Ticket. C―Transfer (Reg.)

N―Regular Transfers (Reg. Ov.)

N―Special Form (Ov.; to inner limits).

2Biv. N―Regular Transfers.

N―General Forms.

2Di. N―Regular Transfers (Pay)

C―2nd Transfers (Rep.)

C―Continuous Trip Ticket (CP or CF).

C―Identification Check (Ov. Rec.)

C―Emergency Transfers (Em.)

N―Terminal Transfer.

N―Terminal Repeat Form.

N―Out―of―town Forms.

2Diii. C―Exit Coupon (Exit).

C―Refund Coupon (Ref.)

C―Train Fare Receipt (Rec.).

2Gi. N―Regular Transfers (Free).

N―Out―of―town Forms.

N―Special Transfers (CP or CF).

C―Exchange Tickets (Pay).

C―Bus Exchange Tickets (Pay).

2Iii. N―Regular Transfer.

C―Emergency Transfer.

2Mi. N―Regular Car Transfers (Reg.)

N―Bus Transfer.

C―Bus Special (Car to Bus).

2Pi. N―Regular Transfer (Reg. Ov.; to inner limits).


C―Old 5―cent Area (Ov.; to outer limits).

N―Regular Transfers.

C―Identification Checks (Rep.)

3Di. N―Regular Transfers.

C―Inter―Company Pay.

C―Bus Transfer

C―Car to Bus.

C―Identification Check (Rec.)

3Dii. N―Regular Transfers.


4Mi. N―Regular Transfers.

C―Emergency Transfers.

4Pi. N―Regular Transfers (Reg. Pay)

C―Free Transfers (Free or Rep.)

C―Identification Check (Rec.)

C―Fare Receipt (Rec.)

6Ai. N―Regular Transfers.

N―Repeat Forms.

N―Regular Transfers.

C―Collector's Tickets (Em.)

7Bii. N―General Form (Reg.)

C―Shuttle Car Coupon (CF). There is also a CP form, whose name is not listed in our collection.

9Bi. N―Regular Transfers.

C―Shuttle Car Transfer (CP).

C―Special Traffic Transfer (Em.)

C―Bus Transfer.

C―Bus Ticket.

9Bii. N―Regular Transfers.

C―Joint Transfer (to 9Biv).

9Biii. N―Regular Transfers.

C―Passenger's Identification Check (Rec.)


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